Career Fair Universiti Sains Malaysia Engineering Campus is an annual event held by Students Affair and Development Division, USM. Both local and international companies are part of our event every year. Exhibitions, career talks and interview sessions will be carried out by participating companies especially for all graduating 4th year students and also 3rd year students who will be commencing their industrial training. This event is beneficial for students from different years to visit because they can obtain early exposure to companies in the industry, thereby obtaining invaluable information through communicating with representatives from various companies. Career Fair serves as a bridge for students to have a successful career in the future after completing their studies. Here, students learn about different requirements in order to work for different companies, particularly the company of their choice. Knowledge concerning current market demands and the qualities one should possess in the related working fields makes it clear for students to prepare themselves for their future career. Most of the students who participate in our career fair benefit themselves either by securing a job even before their final examination or obtaining valuable interview experience which will be useful for future interviews anywhere else. Besides providing a platform for our students, we also encourage the participation of graduates as well as students in the public who are looking for jobs and internships! So why hesitate? We look forward to your participation this year!

The Logo


The USM Career Fair logo is a symbol that represents everything that we stand for. The primary color blue signifies professionalism and our strong connection to the corporate world. The gear represents our roots in science and engineering, while 10 teeth on the gear itself commemorates 10 years of anniversary in 2016. The mascot’s unique pose represents leadership, which stays true to USM’s slogan: We Lead.