Career Fair Workshop 2016

19 Oct Career Fair Workshop 2016

Well it’s that time of the year again when Career Fair starts recruiting our new members. As expected many talents showed up during the interview sessions and after hours of deliberation we finally have our new members. What better way to break the ice by organizing our annual Career Fair Workshop to welcome our new members to the family.
On the 1st day, we began with a short Introduction about Career Fair and a short speech from our Director, Adrian Teoh. Since it was late in the evening, we decided to keep our members minds active by playing a simple game which is known as the 10 cents, 20 cents game. This game requires our members to group according to the amount stated. Boys are worth 50cents and girls are worth 20 cents. When the amount is stated, they are required to group together and each group must sum up to the stated amount. The atmosphere was lively and indeed a good way to start the bonding process.


On the 2nd day we started with a game known as the Human Bingo. Our members were given a list with specific interests and habits in 5×5 square boxes. Each member was required to find people who have the same interest as stated in the box and obtain their signature. To complete this game one has to complete three lines with signatures from different individuals in each box. Some of the habits stated in the box ranged from “smelling my own feet” to “dancing salsa”. We definitely found out some interesting facts about our members through this game.


We then continued by playing past videos from career fair just to let members have a glimpse on what they will be involved in and why is Career Fair is as awesome as it is today. All of this would not be possible without our IT department that never cease to create videos that makes us look good. Our beloved retired senior members also took the opportunity to drop by and share some of their experience to the new members after watching the past videos.
On the 3rd day, we conducted our annual activity which is Plan your own Career Fair. Members from each department was separated into groups. Each member in each group is required to plan their career fairaccording to their job scope. Each group is then required to present their ideas and as usual, many new ideas sprouted out from this activity. After all the technicality, we decided to have fun at the war museum located on Penang Island. We played paintball (Every boy’s dream came true that day. After all those shooting games, finally it was time to put those skills to action) and hada night walk which was a little hair raising as the war museum was known to be haunted.


As we can see nowadays, the fitness trend is increasing and Career Fair as a professional body, we must not be left out. So we decided to start the morning of the 4th day with some exercise in the form of Zumba! We then divided into groups and conducted other activities that really tested the physical limits of each member. After all, our member’s health is our priority.


In the afternoon we continued with a brainstorming session with every member in their own respective department. Each department is required to discuss on the problems that they face in the past Career Fair and suggest ways to improve on it and new ideas that can be implemented in the upcoming Career Fair. Of course after all the thinking, our members started to feel hungry as dinner was approaching. Since it was the last day, dinner was not going to come as easy as the pass few days. Our members had to go to the nearest supermarket using the bus provided by the university and with a limited budget to prepare their own dinner.


It was indeed interesting as we watched the members showing off their cooking skills and creativity as they work together to prepare the dishes. It was a shame that some of the members didn’t think of becoming chefs. We never know, the next master chef Asia may just be from our campus. After dinner, we had a short sharing for members to express their feelings after the pass few days. And here is what some of them have to say;
“With this workshop,i see things much clearer now,especially the responsibilities that comes with a certain department to get things done and how important every minor detail is.”
“Most important thing in work is teamwork and overall i think the workshop is fun as it bonds the team first before we really start our work.”
“The workshop breaks the border between each department and allow the members understand the importance of teamwork too.”
“It’s a fun way to get to know the others and improve ourselves.”

As you can see we have put our members through many challenges and hardships to ensure we have well rounded members in Career Fair. So do stay tuned for more updates!

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