Gala Dinner 2014

03 Dec Gala Dinner 2014

The term “Gala” is a self-explanatory expression which basically means that our dinner is of grandness and elegance. As much of a cliché as it may sound, the essential purpose of the Career Fair Gala Dinner is to bring together an engagement of networking amongst the university administration, industry players representatives in the market, and of course, our students. Held in the grand ballroom of the Sunway Carnival Convention Centre, Seberang Prai, the Gala Dinner is also meant to commemorate the long, exhaustive yet exuberant preparation efforts for Career Fair 2014, aside from celebrating the participation of all generous sponsors and exhibitors.



Our glamorous night, right after the first day of Career Fair exhibition, was graced with the presence of the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research, Professor Muhammad Jantan, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Community Outreach, Dato’ Professor Susie See Ching Mey and the Managing Director of SapuraKencana Petroleum, Mr Simon. The event was rolled out with the typical welcoming notes from the organisers and VIPs alike, followed by the official opening ceremony of the dinner hyped with a marvellous LED cube gimmick.

The mood of the night was also elevated with some brilliant performances from the Dance Club, Adikarma and USM Jazz Band which are all proud performers hailing from our prestigious university students’ organisations, as we dig in and enjoy the long awaited gastronomic, sumptuous buffet dinner. We had an invited performance which showcased a national well-known magician who practically pulled out tricks from his sleeves that made everyone enthralled and had a good laugh. Well, it was definitely more than optical illusion, but sometimes, it is better to leave illusion as it is because it is the entertainment that counts in the end!

As we move on with the night, we were glad to see that many company representatives were engaging well with our lecturers, administrators and even with our fellow students. However, the real rivalry begun when the Lucky Draw session was announced. Everyone in the hall stood a fair chance walking away with the grand price of the Ipad Mini! Several gifts were happily presented by Professor Muhammad Jantan, spiced up by the humour of the two emcees along the way. But when the grand prize came, Mr Chew J-Wei, who happened to be our committee member did away with more than lady luck, as he emerged to be the lucky winner! Thumbs up for you!



The momentum of the gala dinner soon came to a recede. The emcee then announced the end of our wonderful night, and a grand exit formed by our committee members escorted our fellow VIPs and company representatives with a full smile on their faces. Smile that commemorated more than basic etiquette; it was a smile of joy, and thankfulness. . All good things had to come to an end but we know the journey to our future is more than a destination. We are now one step closer to the path we desire for we had an eye-opening gala ceremony accompanied with a good share of memories, laughter and experience.








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