It was a fine evening of 14th October, the new members of Career Fair 2017 were feeling excited and nervous for one reason. Yes, the annual Career Fair workshop was back! The workshop was organized to welcome the new members to the family as well as to enhance the teamwork and bond between the members.



On the first day, the workshop began with the welcoming speech from our adviser, Kak Ita and also from our director, Yiauw Diing Ye. Then, we started our first ice-breaking game which was `How Much Do You Use’. So, the members were told to take as many pieces of tissues as they want to get the job done. Then each member was required to tell their own facts according to the number of tissues they had taken. The atmosphere was lively and some members had brought us laughter for taking 20+ pieces of tissues. The second game we played was the Tower Building. We were separated into groups and were required to build the tallest and most stable tower using newspaper and some other stuffs. The purpose of this game is to enhance the teamwork between the members but at the same time it also successfully stimulated the potential of being future engineers. At night, we had a video-sharing session where videos about past career fairs were played. Then we also had a short Q&A session with the ex-director and ex-HOD`s. They had shared a lot of their experiences when they were in Career Fair as well as given encouragement and advice to the new members.


The second day, would be the best and most adventurous day throughout the whole workshop. We went to Gua Anak Tempurung for caving. All of us enjoyed a lot during the cave exploring as some of us were busy screaming and shouting due to the thrill and excitement. We also went for water tubing in the evening. It was really exciting despite we kept crashing with the rocks along the river. At first it was scary and painful as the rocks were slimy and slippery and we often tripped and fell but nevertheless we worked together immediately by giving a helping hand to any of our members in time of trouble during the activity. Well, it was obvious that the bonding between members had become stronger and we learned to trust our friends which soon became our family.


So how did we kick-start the last day of workshop? Aerobics! We started the morning of the last day with so-called `aerobic dance’. After the aerobics session, here comes the biggest challenge that tested our physical limits – Station Games. It was a fun session despite there was a station where everyone hated it the most as it was both physically and mentally tiring. Mental support between members played an important role to keep everyone going during this session.

 In the afternoon, we had our annual Plan Your own Career Fair session where groups were formed with members from each department. This is solely to give a rough idea on what Career Fair is about and how important this event is to the university. So, each member in the group was required to plan the career fair according to their job scope. Well the workshop did not end here. We had our last activity which we needed to prepare our own dinner by buying the ingredients within a limited budget. It was so much fun and we managed to see some talented future cooks among us. Surprisingly, all the dishes prepared by the members tasted amazing and all of us enjoyed our last meal together before the workshop ended. After dinner, he had a sharing session for members to express their feelings about the workshop.


We have gone through all the challenges together as a family and we believe that the strong bonding between us will lead to the upcoming Career Fair a huge success! So, do stay tuned for more updates from us.

Career Fair 2017

Exceeding Potential, Creating Future

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